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Process table


ps(user = NULL, after = NULL)



Username, to filter the results to matching processes.


Start time (POSIXt), to filter the results to processes that started after this.


Data frame, see columns below.


  • pid: Process ID.

  • ppid: Process ID of parent process.

  • name: Process name.

  • username: Name of the user (real uid on POSIX).

  • status: I.e. running, sleeping, etc.

  • user: User CPU time.

  • system: System CPU time.

  • rss: Resident set size, the amount of memory the process currently uses. Does not include memory that is swapped out. It does include shared libraries.

  • vms: Virtual memory size. All memory the process has access to.

  • created: Time stamp when the process was created.

  • ps_handle: ps_handle objects, in a list column.