ps 1.3.2 2020-02-13

  • ps now compiles again on unsupported platforms like Solaris.

ps 1.3.1 2020-02-12

  • Fixed an installation problem on some Windows versions, where the output of cmd /c ver looks different (#69).

ps 1.3.0 2018-12-21

  • New ps_cpu_count() function returns the number of logical or physical processors.

ps 1.2.1 2018-11-06

  • Fix a crash on Linux, that happened at load time (#50).

ps 1.2.0 2018-10-16

  • New ps_connections() to list network connections. The CleanupReporter() testthat reporter can check for leftover open network connections in test cases.

  • ps_open_files() does not include open sockets now on Linux, they are rather included in ps_connections().

  • CleanupReporter() now ignores /dev/urandom, some packages (curl, openssl, etc.) keep this file open.

  • Fix ps() printing without the tibble package (#43).

  • Fix compilation with ICC (#39).

  • Fix a crash on Linux (#47).

ps 1.1.0 2018-08-10

ps 1.0.0 2018-07-22

First released version.